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October 22-24, 2018
London, UK




Dedicated to Realising the Commercial Potential of Gene Therapies

2018 is the year gene therapies come into their own. After decades on unfulfilled potential, this space is gaining tangible momentum, particularly in addressing the significant unmet need in a range of rare diseases.

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Europe is the uniquely focused conference uniting industry leaders to discuss the late-stage challenges that need to be overcome to deliver more gene therapies to market.

Rather than early stage basic science, this meeting is solely devoted to addressing the latest clinical, manufacturing, regulatory and commercialization challenges facing this rapidly evolving field. This is a comprehensive guide to define your commercial path forward.

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“I’ve gained a lot from this conference – it’s allowed us to think outside the company and get other people’s impressions and experiences and that will benefit the entire area and landscape. I look forward to many more of these meetings in the future.”

Sven Kili, VP, Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development, GSK

Attendee Breakdown:
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for Rare Disorders US 2018
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