The 4th Annual Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Europe is dedicated to overcoming
manufacturing, clinical, and commercialisation challenges drug developers face when delivering
gene therapies to market.

With new European gene therapy approvals rapidly approaching and investment at an all-time high, the digital meeting will leverage the experience from the first to market pioneers, as well as unveiling the strategies the next generation of drug developers are employing to improve efficacy, safety and commercial viability.

Across three days, we will virtually unite 250+ leading experts from innovative biotechs, large pharmaceutical companies, academia, and key service providers. Understand the nuances of the European regulatory landscape, engage with European payers and ensure your manufacturing and logistical approaches are set for the commercial primetime to come.

Wherever you’re based, if you’re looking to develop and launch gene therapy products in Europe, this is your comprehensive guide to define your commercial path forward.

Download the full event guide to learn more.

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