When BIA Separations chose to become a partner of our events, what were the main goals
were seeking to achieve?

BIA Separations (BIA) is a leading bio-chromatography development and manufacturing company, providing research and method development services for the purification of large and complex biomolecules.

A major focus for BIA is to address a significant gap in gene-therapy manufacturing capability and supporting the biopharma industry to progress a deep pipeline of gene-therapy drug candidates. It is currently both challenging and expensive to precisely and reproducibly manufacture commercial-scale volumes of viral and non-viral vectors, and also widely recognised that developing the required ‘know-how’ in-house and at the required pace, is ‘make or break’ in getting new therapies to market.

By becoming a partner, we want to meet and engage with other experts in gene therapy so we can exchange knowledge, expertise and industry experience.

Why did you feel our gene therapy events were a good solution?

BIA seeks to collaborate with academic researchers, CMOs and biopharmaceutical companies to develop efficient and robust manufacturing processes; refine and scale-up existing protocols; custom develop products for specific applications; and provide the subsequent transfer of critical skills.

These events bring together like minded individuals who are looking to overcome the challenges of bringing new gene therapies to market and ultimately closer to helping patients.

BIA’s support has contributed to the production of hundreds of advanced therapy medicinal product batches of early-stage gene-therapies and virus-based cancer therapies, including many currently in mid-stage clinical trials, and two that have been brought successfully to market.

What have been the results of this partnership for BIA Separations' business in gene therapy?

We have had many great discussions and made many very valuable new connections. We are currently close to striking some new process development contracts based on contacts and discussions facilitated by our involvement in these gene therapy events.